WCB Claim Management

WCB costs can escalate quickly. All costs, including wages and medical expenses paid by WCB, comes back to the employer. Additionally, claim costs remain on the customer experience report for a total of 3 years, driving up insurance premiums even if no further injuries occur. Bridges Health WCB Claim Management Services can assist your organization with effectively managing claims and conducting file reviews to reduce loss costs for your business. Our services provide an average direct costs savings benefit of $3.00 for every $1.00 spent, as well as avoiding indirect costs associated with turnover, retraining, and lost productivity. We have experience in working with all 10 provincial Worker’s Compensation Boards, as well as all of the major insurance carriers.

Technology Solutions:

ErgoWorks:  An AI driven ergonomics, safety, injury prevention & return to work platform

Active Claim Management

Bridges Health Services Consultants provide case management services on active WCB and other disability claims. Our Consultants will review all documentation, meet with the employee and provide appropriate recommendations. We will also meet with medical providers and create rehabilitation plans signed by all treatment providers and the employee. Formalized return-to-work plans are created, and all stakeholders are accountable.

WCB Claim Management

Bridges Health Services Consultants will conduct file reviews on existing WCB claims to ensure employers and employees have received appropriate case management.

Bridges Health will conduct a complimentary analysis of your current WCB & STD rates to develop an estimate of your potential savings. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!