Psychological Health & Safety

Mental Illness at Work

Mental health problems and mental illnesses account for approximately 30% of short and long-term disability claims, and are rated one of the top causes of disability claims by over 80% of Canadian employers. Mental health conditions are a leading cause of disability, absence, and presenteeism in the workplace. Through preventative, early intervention, and recuperative approaches towards mental health, Bridges Health is an industry leader is improving workplace culture and individual wellbeing. Bridges Health has certified over 3,000 individuals across Canada in Mental Health First Aid, put thousands more through our customized training workshops and webinars, and we have helped hundreds of companies with their internal workplace mental wellness initiatives.

Technology Solutions:

Avail App:  A member engagement, productivity, and well-being management solution

MINDfull Program

MINDfull™ is an award-winning program focused on improving psychological health and safety in the workplace.  Based on the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s National “Standard”, Bridges Health facilitates workforce surveys, mental health policy review, and can provide a comprehensive audit of your organization’s strengths and risk factors for psychological wellness. These data-driven results then direct your organization’s strategic initiatives surrounding the mental health of employees.  Bridges Health then offers follow-up programs and services to fill any gaps recognized through the assessment results.

MINDfull Workshops & Training

Bridges Health offers a wide variety of educational Psychological Health and Safety workshops and training sessions, offered in person and/or virtually, that are fully customizable for your organization’s needs. We offer individual sessions, or a series of training geared towards spreading awareness on mental health, recognizing signs and symptoms, and most importantly, how to take care of your own mental health. Bridges Health has certified over 3,000 individuals across Canada in Mental Health First Aid, one of our most popular courses.

HR Consulting

Bridges Health can provide consulting services to human resources and safety teams regarding the mental health and well being of your organization. With our 300+ years of combined experience, Bridges Health will work alongside your company’s internal team to provide recommendations and advise on best practices to handle mental health related claims in an inclusive effort to improve the mental wellness, morale, and productivity of the organization.

Employee Counselling

Bridges Health utilizes trusted partnerships with organizations that provide individual counselling services. If you or an employee is looking for professional support, reach out to us and we can connect you with the appropriate professionals.

Community Resources

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, it is vital to reach out to the appropriate resources. Follow the link to our nation-wide resources page!