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Bridges Health is one of the nation’s finest multidisciplinary workplace wellness resources, offering holistic health and wellness strategies and solutions within organizations across North America. We aim to build and support healthy people, safe workplaces, and strong communities through compassionate interactions, effective teamwork, and a commitment to innovation and versatility.


Bridges Health has been in business since it was founded in 1997 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We began our journey as a disability management and vocational consulting service. Since then, we have continued to display innovation in the health & wellness world, by adopting new programs and business units to further expand the assistance we provide to our customers. In 2019, Bridges Health ventured into the technology space, partnering with other leaders in the industry to streamline workplace safety and communication programs. We are extremely proud of our ‘grass roots’, and continue to be headquartered in Saskatoon.  Today, our programs and services specialize in four main areas that offer overall health and wellness strategies to organizations and insurance agencies:

  1. Injury Prevention

  2. Psychological Health and Safety

  3. Employee Health Support

  4. Software Solutions

What We Do

We work alongside internal teams to provide organizations with programs and services that assist and support individuals and employers who are struggling with presenteeism, absenteeism, injury, illness, mental health, and individual rehabilitation.

Our team of Health Services Consultants, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, Mental Health Facilitators, and Counsellors take a caring, humanized approach in working with our clients toward optimal physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health goals. By implementing early intervention strategies, psychological health and safety initiatives, employee health support, injury prevention programs, return-to-work coordination, or consulting with your existing staff in these areas, our team continually demonstrates our values in being respectful, compassionate, objective, resourceful, and efficient.

Our programs and services are unique and innovative. What sets us apart from others in the industry is the flexibility and client-centric aspect of a small, close-knit team with the reach and capacity of a large, nationwide organization through our extensive network of health professionals. We pride ourselves on being an award-winning organization that offers an individualized approach, interactively supporting people and organizations.

Our programs are easily integrated into any organization, no matter the size, sector, or location.  Contact us today to learn more about becoming an organization that can further support its employees in their time of need to enhance the health of the individual and the overall organization.

Our Values

Compassionate Interactions

Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Commitment to Innovation & Versatility

Excellence in Customer Service

Bridges Health prides itself on our positive, “can-do” and “want-to” workplace culture. We feel it is a by-product of our philosophy of proactivity, collaboration, and understanding of day-to-day challenges and pursuing continuous improvement. We aim for better health, better care, better value, and better teams. The most effective way to do that is to assist people to ensure they are healthy in body and mind. Our main validation is the overall satisfaction of our clients.

We are proud to be considered leaders in health and wellness support services.

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