Immediate Workplace Injury Management

Bridges Health provides early injury intervention services to employers of all sizes to promote improved health outcomes for employees, and reduced time away from work due to injury. When an injury occurs, it is important to react quickly and appropriately. Give us a call immediately, and one of our Health Services Consultants can recommend the best course of action, and help you determine if our services are required.

Occupational Therapy Onsite Work Injury Assessments

When an injury occurs, the next steps taken can be crucial to the injured individual’s recovery. While emergent injuries require an immediate call to 911, Bridges Health Occupational Therapists are on call and available to assess non-emergent injuries onsite to help determine the next course of action. The assessor will make a recommendation as to whether the injured person should see a doctor, requires physiotherapy treatment to recover, or can provide the individual with stretches and exercises to help them heal on their own.

Injury Management Consulting

The recovery process after an injury can be confusing and overwhelming, so Bridges Health Consultants are available to support employees throughout their recovery. Consultants can assist individuals in navigating the healthcare system, arrange for required medical appointments, accompany employees to appointments for additional support, advocate for expedited referrals, and provide further education on steps to recovery. Our Consultants will provide information regarding modified duties available in your workplace to physicians and medical providers to mitigate time loss, and ensure the employee is able to safely return to work as soon as possible.