Return to Work

If one of your employees has suffered an injury, Bridges Health can help. Through our return-to-work planning programs and services, we can develop a detailed, personalized strategy. One of our qualified return-to-work planners will work closely with you and your employee to assess their abilities and limitations to provide the most appropriate treatment plan and recommendations. Along with job coaching in the workplace, we can also assess the job site and develop a plan to bridge workplace barriers, such as ergonomic modifications.

Technology Solutions:

ErgoWorks: An AI driven ergonomics, safety, injury prevention & return to work platform

Health Services Consulting

A qualified and committed Health Service Consultant will work with the employee, their physician and the employer to create a customized return-to-work plan. This plan is based on a thorough assessment of the employee’s functional abilities and limitations, job responsibilities, and workplace environment to help progressively build the emplooyee’s tolerance for work tasks. This plan is transitional, with a fixed duration. The team will collaborate with your management team (and physician) on a gradual return to work schedule and make recommendations on any workplace adjustments or accommodations that may be required for both temporary and permanent solutions.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our goal is to fit the job to the worker, rather than to fit the worker to the job.  Bringing an Occupational Therapist on-site to complete a series of assessments can determine solutions for ergonomic risk factors, specify the physical and cognitive aspects of job duties, ensure the safety and suitability of each task an employee performs, and bring a focus on accommodating the employee in the workplace.