Injury Prevention

'Prevention is the key to overall wellness'

Prevention is key to overall health and wellness strategies.  Our team of Occupational Therapists and Ergonomists, supported by our virtual solutions, are equipped to assist in developing such strategies including increasing overall awareness of common injuries in the workplace, identifying potential ergonomic risks, and implementing solutions to mitigate the risk of workplace injury. 


Let us help your company:

  • Reduce and prevent work injuries due to their work environment

  • Minimize WCB claims, which results in a dramatic reduction of WCB premiums

  • Improve their rating with ISNetworld (if applicable)

  • Increase safety for the employee and in the workplace

  • Increase employer knowledge with the hiring process

Technology Solutions:

ErgoWorks: An AI driven ergonomics, safety, injury prevention & return to work platform

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our goal is to fit the job to the worker, rather than to fit the worker to the job.  Having an Occupational Therapist on-site to complete a preventative assessment can determine solutions for ergonomic risk factors, specify the physical and cognitive aspects of job duties, ensure the safety and suitability of each task an employee performs, and bring a focus on prevention and wellbeing in the workplace. Employees returning from injury or experiencing discomfort would benefit from an individual assessment, complete with recommendations, to ensure their workstation is ergonomically sound.

Office & Industrial Ergonomics Training

Offered in-person or virtually, Bridges Health’s group ergonomics training will help employees understand the importance of correct ergonomics in the prevention of injury. Our training provides participants with primary ergonomics education and awareness through a hands-on approach to ensure participants understand the principles of ergonomics and possess the ability to identify, mitigate and control risks. Participants will learn how to help prevent common injuries and be provided with strategies to problem solve difficult situations. This training aims to provide a safer workplace, reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, and improve the wellness of all employees.