Stay at Work Programs

Bridges Health’s stay at work programs are based on a simple yet innovative philosophy: Healthy workers want to be at work. People want to feel productive, and given the right support, will be active in improving their own health recovery and productivity under any circumstances. As a third party, we can take a more hands-on role in assisting employees with their healthcare management while maintaining confidentiality. We also support employers by giving peace of mind that the best recovery plan is in place.  Adaptable to all sectors of business, our programing offers a flexible, scalable approach to provide consistent, sustainable results regardless of industry, size, or union involvement of the organization.

Technology Solutions:

Avail App: A member engagement, productivity, and well-being management solution

Managed Abilities Program MAP Rapid Response

When an injury occurs, the next steps taken can be crucial to the injured individual’s recovery. While emergent injuries require an immediate call to 911, Bridges Health Occupational Therapists are on call and available to assess non-emergent injuries onsite to help determine the next course of action. The assessor will make a recommendation as to whether the injured person should see a doctor, requires physiotherapy treatment to recover, or can provide the individual with stretches and exercises to help them heal on their own.


The recovery process after an injury can be confusing and overwhelming, so Bridges Health Consultants are available to support employees throughout their recovery. Consultants can assist individuals to navigate the healthcare system, arrange for required medical appointments, accompany employees to appointments for additional support, advocate for expedited referrals, and provide further education on steps to recovery. Our Consultants provide information regarding modified duties available in the workplace to physicians and medical providers to mitigate time loss, and ensure the employee is able to safely return to work as soon as possible.

Managed Abilities Program MAP Illness Support

Under the MAP™ Program, employees with high absenteeism rates are referred to Bridges Health to assist with the management of the individual’s health care needs in coordination with workplace demands. Our program ensures that employees are individually supported, and the solutions outlined are developed specifically to their needs and their role in the workplace. Our coordinated assistance with rehabilitation aids employees to remain at work and reduces the need for enrolment in short- or long-term disability. 

Health Services Consulting

On a case by case basis, Bridges Health will support and work with the employee, employer, and healthcare professionals to assist employees with their health and wellness needs. The assigned Health Services Consultant will guide the employee through situations they may be struggling with by coordinating healthcare. Consultants will facilitate medical appointments and investigations, liaising between all parties while maintaining employee health information privacy.

Employee Counselling

Bridges Health utilizes trusted partnerships with organizations that provide individual counselling services. If you or an employee is looking for professional support, reach out to us and we can connect you with the appropriate professionals.