Bridges SmartHub

An interactive & comprehensive database that allows employers to stay up to date with active claims using in-app communication and live, real-time reporting.

Bridges Health utilizes a custom-built, unique, and evolutionary database/case management system. The database exceeds the current industry standards and can be customized and evolved with the needs of each customer we work with.


The Smarthub database is accessible in real time, providing instant communication, updates, and the release of information. This efficient process allows each of your organization’s key stakeholders to log in at any time to see a snapshot of all claims, service notes, emails, medical records, reports or other related documentation. The dashboard and information contained in it can be customized to the needs of your organization’s departments and providers.

Program Services

Record & Claim Management

All daily case management work is done within the system, and all information is tracked and accessible to stakeholders with applicable permissions.


The communication tool allows stakeholders to communicate via the system without breaching privacy and confidentiality. All communication is stored in chronological order, and triggers notifications based on the type of communication.


The customizable dashboard feature allows users to display single page information based on their usage and system role permissions.

Secure File Sharing & Transfer

The system allows files to be transferred to the respected parties with just the click of a button. Once a file is transferred, a notification will be received, eliminating the need for emails with attachments.

Bridges Health's unique, evolutionary database system is custom-built and evolves with the needs of our customer.