At Bridges Health, we help connect individuals to their workplaces, whether through assisting employees with their health care needs while they remain at work, or by returning individuals to a workplace that is ready to bring them back. Bridges Health (formerly Innovative Rehabilitation Consultants) has worked with private, government and non-profit corporations on a holistic approach to wellness since 1997.

We partner with organizations to provide healthcare navigation, occupational therapy, return to work coordination, case management, and vocational assessments. Working together, we will improve individual employees wellness which will provide you with a highly productive, engaged and positive working culture.

Bridges Health developed and delivers the highly successful Managed Abilities Program (MAP). MAP focuses on “thinking differently about ability”.

We are experts in coordinating individuals with required treatment, therapies and services to optimize their personal wellness.


"For us as a company, we have seen a reduction in the number of modified work days, method of treatment, and of course, employees who feel they have been looked after in a manner that we all want to be treated when in time of need.  Our experience with the Bridges Health team have been nothing but professional, accommodating, and they always go above and beyond the call of duty."



"Safety" Dave Speerbrecker, CRSP
Manager of Health, Safety & Training, Thyssen Mining

"It is extremely helpful to have someone to call when an accident occurs, or when one of our employees is suffering from personal issues that affect both them and their co-workers.  Bridges Health  has the training and the contacts needed to ensure our employees get access to the best and most appropriate medical services.  They also ensure that when the employee comes back to work it is safe to do so, and in the best interests of both the employee and our companies.  Their continued contact with the employee and supervisor during the recovery period provides us with peace of mind in knowing that we are doing everything possible to help the employee effectively return to both their work and personal lives."

Marjorie Strandlund, Human Resources Manager
SuperiorRoads Solutions/Rite Way Manufacturing

"Bridges Health has a broad base of staff and resources well versed in community resources and networks, using them effectively and appropriately.  We have found Bridges Health to be highly respected in the medical community and to be knowledgeable and effective with all case management from physical injury, health conditions and mental health issues unique to each individual.  I feel confident in recommending Bridges Health to employers seeking assistance in areas of Health and Wellness and WCB injury management."

- Shane Osberg
Director, Disability Management Services, SGEU

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