Occupational Therapy

At Bridges Health, our focus is to encourage rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life.  Our team gives individuals the “skills for the job of living” necessary for independent and satisfying lives. 

“Occupational Therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation; of enabling people to perform the occupations that foster health and well-being; and of enabling a just and inclusive society so that all people may participate to their potential in the daily occupations of life.” (Townsend & Polatajko, 2007)

Benefits of Bridges Health Occupational Therapy

  • Our therapists engage with employers and employees to collaboratively identify concerns in the work place, and provide recommendations for effective and on-going ergonomic solutions, promoting health and well-being.
  • Equipping employees with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential while working in a safe environment.
  • Empower employers by providing them with education, skills and knowledge to assist their employees.
  • Provide practical accommodation plans for individuals with mental health concerns, physical disabilities transforming complex issues into productive meaningful work solutions.
  • Ensure prompt and detailed assessments which reduce potential future injuries and time loss claims by minimizing an individual’s time away from the workplace.

Occupational therapy can help overcome and/or develop strategies to cope with:

  • Returning to work after illness or injury.
  • Mobility and seating problems due to developmental disorders, arthritis, a spinal cord injury.
  • Managing pain as the result of an automobile accident, burns, incorrect lifting, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Fatigue due to a heart condition, multiple sclerosis, depression, stress, strokes, etc.
  • Relearning and finding new ways to manage home-making activities after a brain injury, physical challenges or acute mental illness.
  • Discovering memory aids and other assistance for people who complain of poor memory due to aging, Alzheimer’s, stress, ect. 

We've successfully managed cases for thousands of employees and employers.

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