Getting injured at work or struggling with long term illness can be stressful and disruptive. Trying to understand everything that goes with WCB claims, insurance, assessments and treatments just adds to the stress.

At Bridges, we are there to support you, based on what you need. Your recovery timelines and healthcare options are tailored to you, specifically.

Bridges Health assists individuals navigate the sometimes difficult communication and organization required to deal with illness and injury in the workplace. We focus on guiding you through stressful times so that you can return to feeling healthy and productive, and rediscover the joy of work, life and leisure.

  • Bridges assists with:
  • Mental Health
  • Family Support Resources
  • Health ailments such as migraines, workplace strain and chronic pain concerns.
  • Community Resources
  • Healthcare Navigation:
  • Appointment Facilitation and Management
  • Expedited investigation and treatment options
  • Alternative treatment options
  • Support and Representation
  • Non-work related injury or illness
  • Alternative therapies and treatment modalities

Not sure if Bridges Health can help you? Read some of our case studies.If you have questions, Bridges Health is here.
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Awards & Recognition

WCB claims
2014 Service Finalist
2013 Service Finalist
2012 Service Finalist
2012 Innovation Recipient
claim management
2014 Recipient Business of the Year
2013 Recipient Business of the Year
IRC rehabilitation
2014 New Direction Finalist
2013 Leadership Finalist