Bridges Health was formed in 1997.  Being part of the business and health community, for the past 21 years, has rewarded us with the ability to source and network with the best care providers in the industry, in every sector and speciality.  This provides us with a competitive advantage with providing optimal health services to individuals. 

At Bridges Health, we help connect individuals to their workplaces, whether through assisting employees with their health care needs while they remain at work, or by returning individuals to a workplace that is ready to bring them back. Bridges Health has worked with private, public, government, and non-profit corporations on a holistic approach to wellness for over 20 years.  We partner with organizations to provide health and wellness strategies for their employees, healthcare navigation, occupational therapy, return-to-work coordination, case management, and vocational assessments. Working together, we improve individual employee’s wellness which will provide organizations with a highly productive, engaged, and positive working culture.

As health service providers for the past 21 years, Bridges Health has come to realize that reduced psychological health and safety lends a hand to accidents, incidents, and injuries within the workplace. Bridges Health also recognizes that psychological health and safety are key drivers in healthy and productive employees. The company prioritized psychological health and safety and mental health wellness for 2016, thus leading to the creation of our Psychological Health and Safety Department.

Bridges Health launched a brand new, evidenced-based program targeting psychological health and safety in our workplaces in August 2016. With 1 in 5 Canadians personally experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, and 60% of time is spent in the workplace, Bridges Health recognizes the risk this presents to our work environments.  In response, MINDfull™ was created as a leading-edge health support service that empowers organizations to address and discover meaningful solutions to improve and sustain organizational culture, production, and engagement.  We also identified the need to support organizations, as they address mental health in the workplace.  Bridges Health began offering the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid Basic certification in 2016.  As of January 2018, Bridges Health have taught the Mental Health First Aid course on 28 separate occasions in public and private settings, while facilitating the certification of over 700 individuals in MHFA.  

Over the past two years, Bridges Health has designed, created and are now delivering our Mindfull Psychological Health and Safety program.  One of the intervention options inside of this program is the Mindfull Manager Training Series.  We have researched and designed ten core curriculums that are grounded in research and best practice.  Some of the training topics are: Supportive Management, Foundations of Mental Wellness, Tough Talks, and Team Building.

To date, Bridges Health has provided Psychological Health and Safety training to over 500 managers.  The design of the workshop centers on creating conversation, gaining new perspective, breaking down barriers, improving mental health literacy and increasing our willingness to help ourselves and others. 

Our focus and fundamental position, is to improve the quality of life for all individuals who have been inconvenienced by injury, illness or disability, by improving their quality of health and related services wherever possible.  On an individual level, we believe people genuinely want to be at work and assisting them with health ailments while they remain at work is the most proactive and effective way of resolving health issues for individuals.  On an organizational level, we believe organizations are best equipped to prevent psychological harm and foster a culture of safety when they are aware of the factors contributing to employee distress and mistrust. Utilizing evidence based methods to assess and intervene, workplaces are reporting an increase in employee engagement, productivity, and morale.

Within the team at Bridges Health, there is a combined 280 years of depth, knowledge and diversity, to assist individuals with all types of health elements, whether it be physical injury, health care, or mental health needs.  


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