We fundamentally believe employees want to be at work and that their employer wants them there. By placing emphasis on prevention, collaboration and the employee’s health, our services compliment organizations key goals of continuous improvement and productivity optimization.

Our specifically designed assessments and programs revolve around this primary focus. We have shown time and again that greater efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction is possible when employers and employees work together towards these common goals. 

Our primary role is to “quarterback” for individuals needing to return to work after illness, injury, accident, etc. We streamline communications for the individual, employer, union, doctors, specialists, and therapists so that necessary information is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

The result? Near immediate return on your investment and measurable outcomes, all at a reduced risk to you.

Solutions for Employers

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  • MINDfull Program
  • Psychological Health & Safety EducationEducation and Coaching of Senior Leadership and Management Teams as it relates to Psychological health and safety in the workplace (based on the National Standards for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • EngagementFull onsite workplace assessment and gap analysis to uncover and identify any psychological harm and safety issues within an organization.
  • ActionWorkplace mental health consulting and training aimed to address and improve psychological health and safety in an organization.
  • EvaluationEstablish and maintain procedure with any organization to monitor, measure, and record psychological health and safety conformance in relation to The National Standard.
  • Attendance Support Managed Abilities Program
  • Stay at workPrevention is key, our program optimizes intervention that allows individuals to remain at work while getting the care they need to improve personal health.
  • Work Related InjuryYour employees assessed for minor strains onsite or triaged to an appropriate functional care provider, returning to you within 24 hours for modified work. This method has eliminated time loss claims for some organizations or at the very least dramatically reduced them.
  • Non-work Related InjuryRegardless of how an injury may happen, not having your valuable employees at work affects deadlines, management time, rescheduling, and overtime.
  • WellnessEducation sessions, preventative training, task rotation, micro breaks etc.
  • Occupational Therapy
  • On-site injury assessmentsHave our therapists visit the site of minor incidents, complete functional assessments, incident recreation, education, modified abilities and treatment programs without your employee even leaving the workplace.
  • Ergonomic AssessmentsUsed for prevention and rehabilitation of strains and injuries, as well as pre-renovation assessments and recommendations
  • Physical Demands AnalysisCan be used to develop job descriptions, task alternatives, complete pre-employment screenings, etc.
  • Functional Ability EvaluationCompare the abilities of an employee to the demands of the job
  • Exercise Therapy ProgramsGeneric or individualized education on biomechanics, wellness, prevention, stretching, etc.
  • Wellness and Workplace AssessmentsModified work task development, risk assessment, alternative task recommendations,

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