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Bridges Health has over 280 years experience in claims management, human resources, injury management, return to work and more - from both a preventative and early intervention focus.  Our team is here to answer your questions and share our Best Practise recommencations for handling your absence, illness, injury or leave questions.  We are here to support you and your team - and are always just a phone call away!

Managed Abilities Program (MAP)

The MAP program encompasses but is not limited to health, wellness, attendance and disability management programs.  The results show repeated clarity, success, and predictable outcomes for all employers in an expeditious fashion.

Our program fosters a culture that supports the health and wellness of individuals, and also result in improved morale and invaluable tools for every level within an organization for example but not limited to:

  • employees,
  • labor relations,
  • human resources,
  • frontline managers

WCB Claim Management

Bridges Health manages workplace incidents the same day they occur, often within the hour.  Depending on the severity of injury, Bridges Health may dispatch one of its Occupational Therapists to assess the individual onsite in order to provide a comprehensive review of job tasks and the associated injury. 

Otherwise, the employee is sent to one of Bridges Health’s certified MAP clinic providers where they will undergo a full physical assessment and return directly to the employer with a treatment plan, and specific abilities which allow them to be accommodated immediately within the workplace.

Short and Long Term Disability Management

Bridges Health will manage all active files and work with the insurer to resolve claims. Our goal is to ensure that all employees receive the appropriate treatment. Our Consultants personally meet with the employees, complete an Initial Assessment and provide recommendations. By working with our network of professionals, we coordinate services such as Independent Medical Exams, Surgical consults etc. Our consultants will meet with the medical providers and the employer to coordinate return to work programs.

Employers that have worked with Bridges Health have experienced up to a 30% reduction in the duration of short term disability claims and avoided long term disability claims

  • Bridges assists with:
  • Mental Health
  • Family Support Resources
  • Health ailments such as migraines, workplace strain and chronic pain concerns.
  • Community Resources
  • Healthcare Navigation:
  • Appointment Facilitation and Management
  • Expedited investigation and treatment options
  • Alternative treatment options
  • Support and Representation
  • Non-work related injury or illness
  • Alternative therapies and treatment modalities


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